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WeDeex is a unique SaaS platform designed to efficiently manage natural gas and electricity supply activities.


WeDeex is the only solution that covers all the business processes involved in the energy value chain. It allows you to run your energy supply business without worrying about all the technical complexities.

Our mission: Make energy simple

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Energy. Simplified


➜ Automate your network requests

Appoint agents, manage supply registrations, and more.

➜ Follow how your requests are progressing

Real-time access and notifications for all data sent and received.


➜ Rapid access to all your client data

View meter reading, billing and payment history and customer data.

➜ Consult the details of each meter point

Access technical data, meter point history, site capacity, etc.

➜ Analyse and manage your contracts

Monitor your deadlines and key notifications for every client.


➜ Check all your bills before sending them

The automatic data check will notify you if there is an error before the bills are issued.

➜ Program the system to generate bills and send them to your customers


➜ Export your billing details automatically thanks to our APIs
➜ Functionalities currently being developed  



➜ Manage procurement on the European wholesale electricity and natural gas markets
Energy optimised

Boosted performances

Benefit #1

Save time and money

WeDeex is a time- and cost-efficient solution. The ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model makes it an economical solution that will fit your business.

Benefit #2

Focus on your customers

The WeDeex platform manages all business operations, allowing you to focus on customer service.

Benefit #3

Offer agility

WeDeex is a flexible and scalable solution that will fit your volume of business. Because every business is different, you can choose the functionalities you need for your operations.



WeDeex enables you to manage millions of metering points, whilst guaranteeing 99.8% availability.

Benefit #4

Be ahead of the curve

To choose WeDeex is to choose an innovative and scalable solution. Our experts are constantly monitoring changes in the market and preparing for the future: solar on-site generation, electric vehicles, energy storage, new economic models, etc.


Contact us for a demo

An expert is available to show you how our platform works.

They already use the WeDeex platform

Our clients use WeDeex so that they can concentrate on what’s most important: customer satisfaction.

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A secure platform and proven technology.

Hosted by Microsoft Azure

Your data is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers: the market’s leading cloud hosting solution. It is therefore protected by the most rigorous security and data protection measures.

A simple connectivity solution

You can integrate WeDeex into your IT system using our APIs. To fulfil the widest possible range of connectivity needs, WeDeex offers various tools (APIs, webhooks, etc.) that interface with your third-party applications: CRM, ERP, home automation solutions, etc.

Available as SaaS

WeDeex is a vertically integrated, Software as a Service platform that is accessible 24/7. Cloud storage means the platform and its applications are totally accessible and your data is completely secure.


We have implemented a compliance programme for our solutions and internal processes in order to guarantee GDPR compliance at all times.

Make Energy Simple