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Viva Technology 2019: CSN Energy takes on the smart city challenge!

From 16 to 18 May 2019, our team was delighted to take part in the Viva Technology conference in Paris: an occasion for startups and leaders from around the world to come together to celebrate innovation! 

We were selected to take part in the ‘Mobility and distributed energy resources in the cities of tomorrow’ challenge at the Vinci Energies lab, where we took the floor to explain how our innovative digital solution, WeDeex, can clear up issues linked to the urban development concept of smart cities.

Smart cities aim to make the most of new technologies by relying on an ecosystem of smart objects and services. This makes these regions more adaptive and efficient, thus improving their inhabitants’ quality of life.  

With our wealth of experience behind us, we encourage companies and local authorities to take on this challenge using WeDeex. During our presentation, we highlighted the solution’s range of functionalities that allow companies and local authorities to be the masters of their own energy transition. For instance, WeDeex has enabled property rental agency Pas de Calais Habitat to implement a self-consumption project.

Today, we assist all kinds of organisations in the development of their energy supply activity. Our industry expertise, understanding of the energy market, and innovative digital solution, WeDeex, make us well placed to support innovative projects that make neighbourhoods more environmentally friendly, and, in turn, to promote energy transition at a local scale.

Over these two days at Viva Technology, we have presented WeDeex as a response to the issues arising from the emergence of smart cities.

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